Nature's treasure – Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea)
Nature's treasure – Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea)
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The beautiful Clary Sage, a healing plant with a long tradition, is now available as the highest quality essential oil at Essences Bulgaria.

Our most beautiful natural treasure – Clary sage (Salvia sclarea) – her flowering beauty is simply difficult to be surpassed. To experience the fragrance of these amazing flowers is just breathtaking. Clary sage grows and flowers painting-like and can be seen from the distance because of its pink-violet flower heads on our natural and sunny meadows. In fact, it is beauteous to see the bright violet-pink forest edges into which the imposing clary sage exudes such wonderfully aromatic scent.

The flowers of clary sage are arranged in densely packed synflorescence. The summit of the clary sage synflorescence is formed by several, often intensely colored, so-called bracts, which, as it were, constitute a display apparatus. During its summer flowering time, clary sage presents itself as majestic stature, with lavish flower abundance, spicy leaves, and aromatic scent in fields.

To create the highest and most pristine quality of clary sage essential oil every step from harvest to the right distilling methods need to be perfect.   One crucial point is the hand harvesting of only the perfectly ripe flowers at the exact right time of the day.

Now finally the time has come, for which we have waited so long with lots of excitement. Today the weather is just gorgeous. The handpicked flowers of our clary sage are carefully distilled. It is an unforgettable and impressive experience. The emotional impact of the clary sage harvest is difficult to put into any words.

The clary sage flowers are processed in a careful and expert manner in our own distillation plant. The method used for the production is gentle steam distillation. Precision successfully transforms this magical flower into clary sage essential oil of that unique top quality that we are especially proud of.

All work from harvesting to bottling our clary sage oil is done by hand to minimize the impact on the plant’s own energy.

We work diligently in all stages of distillation and ensure standardization at the highest level. We want to guarantee our customers “the purity and origin of the plant in its entirety”.

The pure essential oil of the clary sage flower is now filled into small vials. The result is a true revelation to the senses.

This wonderfully scented clary sage oil is very successfully used in aromatherapy to invigorate and stimulate the body and mind, and it also plays an extraordinary role in alleviating mental issues.

For details about how to use clary sage oil appropriately, check out our application guide.

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