Linden honey - 100% pure and natural (450 gr)


Linden honey - 100% pure and natural (450 gr)

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Linden honey is a unique gift from nature. It is collected from the nectar of linden blossoms by our hardworking bees during flowering in the summer months of June and July.

Bee honey from the linden tree captivates with its strong, rich and specific aroma of linden blossoms.

Linden honey is distinguished by its light-yellow color. The lighter the color of linden honey, the greater the proportion of flower nectar in it. Its consistency is from liquid to creamy. After prolonged storage it crystallizes slowly with small crystals and hardens in a natural way.

Real linden honey is considered one of the most valuable types of natural bee honey and has a wide range of applications. It is a great general tonic. As a strong natural immunostimulant, it strengthens the body's defenses and accelerates the recovery process.

Linden honey is a popular home remedy for colds, fever, viral infections and other diseases of the respiratory tract. It causes faster sweating, has a relaxing effect and helps with coughing. Linden honey is especially useful during the cold winter months, as it strengthens the immune system.

First-class linden honey consists of almost 80% carbohydrates and is easily absorbed by the body. It releases a large amount of energy, due to which linden honey has the ability to restore the strength of a person exposed to long-term treatment and subjected to great physical and psychological stress.

Natural linden honey strengthens mental health and the spirit. It activates the brain, helps with stress-related headaches and nervousness, and calms the nervous system. It is believed to have a mild soporific and calming effect.

Linden honey also has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. It protects against infections, it is disinfectant, promotes faster healing of wounds and burns, reduces pain in various inflammatory processes, reduces swelling and secretion and accelerates the healing process, significantly reducing the appearance of scars.

Our all-natural linden honey has a positive effect on inflammatory processes in the digestive system, relieves pain, stops the growth of harmful bacteria and improves digestion. It also has a mild blood pressure lowering effect. Linden honey is also a useful tool for cleansing diseased kidneys.

Besides being useful, honey is also very tasty. Along with its classic use - spread on a slice of bread, linden honey can be used in many different ways - as a sweetener for tea and coffee, for delicious cakes, as well as various pastries and fragrant cakes with honey. It is extremely suitable for seasoning exquisite salad dressings.

Linden honey is very valuable because of its benefits in facial care. The ingredients of honey help to moisturize and smooth the skin, remove pigmentation, renew the epidermis, protect elastin and improve the condition of hair.

Natural linden honey is often used in cosmetics for the preparation of various cosmetic products to hydrate the skin, to rejuvenate and remove age spots, to help against dandruff and others.


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